the catfish videos will be the greatest thing in history to show the nature of females


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incelguyyyh said:
Augustan Isidor said:
Red Pill are social scientists, they believe in behavioral manipulation. Black Pill are natural scientists, we believe in genetic determinism. Face and LMS isn't on behavioral manipulation, he makes great points pertaining to the face, jaw, maxilla, neck, height etc and suggests that if you don't have decent features your chances of women finding you attractive might of as well not exist. I think you're confused because the Red Pill used to adhere to similar doctrines as the modern Black Pill until PUA hijacked it and we split, this is where you get Red Pillers saying we just need "Game", "Cold Showers", "Confidence" and we'll be slaying.
no, red pill is just a self improvement meme to discuss how improve your looks.

black pill discuss everything how a society is regarding dna, biology, therefore covers the whole female anatomy regarding their behavior.

why do you think red pill became so watered down.
Kek, go onto Face and LMS streams. Red Pillers always refrain from saying, it's your jawline, it's your neck. Red Pillers always go on there to preach how "Game" got them threesomes. Although Red Pill does somewhat promote improving your looks, they don't take it as far as bone structure.

black pill is about female nature, black pill is a subjective opinion which focus on different things red pill just focus on a singular thing and thats just overall looks