The blackpill is everything.


I don't know how, (even if none of us were cels) we could possibly have children with a clear conscience after the irreparable blackpill.
It is literally everything.
It encapsulates every aspect of existence, the cold affectionlessness of it .
It is only now that I have stopped to look in the mirror, to look down at my hand, only to see this. The cells that form the tissues. The tissues that combine into muscles that line each bone. The cold and hollow logic of it all. I look at women and see that they only care about themselves and their children, I see men and recognise that they are hapless slaves.
The idea that there was any form, or glimmer of hope. When the meat my soul was encased in was the biggest honk of all.

Reality isn't even just a honk. It is cripplingly cold matter.
We are all slaves encased in human form.