The Black Pill: Explained


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The Black Pill: 101

The Black Pill: 2

These videos are by far the most coherent and accurate description on the origins of the "Incel" and "Blackpill" movement I've ever seen. All backed by scientific facts, and all summed up in two short videos. Just thought I'd share it because a lot of lurkers come here thinking we're some kind of terrorist group trying to commit genocide on women. No. We're just a depressed lot of people who lost the genetic lottery and bitter about the fact we'll never truly be successful in modern society.

So do yourselves a favor incel/blackpill haters lurking here and watch the videos. It might change your minds and you'll have a little more sympathy for people in our predicament.

All credit goes to YouTube user "Vav".

I claim no credit for his work.


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