the best things in life are not free, they cost money


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i've heard the saying the best things in life are free. I can think of many of 'the best things in life' and none of them are free, in fact it takes so much more money to get them then the 'ok things in life'. I guess there is not a direct monetary exchange for the best things, but you can't get the best things without having already paid for a number of other every expensive things. The best things I assume are love, sex, happiness, friendship and fulfillment. You can't buy these things, but if you don't have money you also can't get them. first, before you can do anything, you need to at least pay for food. then you can be alive and perhaps make friends with other homeless people, so even friendship comes at the monetary cost of staying a live and getting food. For love and sex you need to also pay for housing. You will have no chance for sex if you have no housing, and possibly no chance if you only have housing, and food and water. All these things are expensive. To really have a chance at love, sex and relationship, you need to have all these costly things, as well as interests, friends, a social network, access to television, current events, the internet, hobbies, things to talk about, confidence, and if not a job at least a future w financial stability. There is also the obvious competitive nature of things, that even if you do have something, men who have more of that something will get the sex. So not only does it cost money, but the cost is only defined as the highest bid.


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Being born Chad is free and money can't get you that. You may enhance your looks through surgeries and other kinds of fraud, but it won't make you genetically better. A homeless Chad can get straight to earning six figures as a model if he's noticed.


As for the highest bid, yeah, that's a good point, because in reality women want just the best they can get here and now. The society's protection enables most of them to only settle for betas when Chad throws them away.