The best thing you can do


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I am an incel myself and english is only my third language so sry for my english. To describe it short I am balding severely since I am a teenager and had bad acne. In my opinion we have two possibilities.
Possibility one are surgeries and looksmaxing. That's expensive, possibly dangerous and it takes much time. Though, nice haircuts and good clothes will help you at your job at least and going to the gym is healthy. I would recommend it to feel better but not for girls.

The other possibilty is better for us. Go mgtow and have sex with prostitutes and escorts when you have the urge.
Every time you feel miserable you can visit the following website:
In that way you know that you are missing nothing. Live your life freely without women. Perhaps people will shame you. Just wait until some men in your environment will divorce and have to pay child support. Trust me, these people secretly will wish to be in your shoes in that time.