The BASED Amish are taking over America!


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The Amish are the fastest growing religious group in America, their population doubles every 20 years.
If their population growth rate continues, they wll be the largest group in North America 200 years from now.
There are no incels in the Amish community, the Amish men & women are usually married off when they're teens.
Obesity is almost non-existent since everyone works and does physical labor.
No condoms, no birth control, lots of sex & lots of children.

The BASED Amish are going to conquer the world!!!

Watch out America, the Amish are taking over. Slowly but surely.

The Amish Population Has Doubled Since 2000

Why the Amish Population Is Exploding

Amish one of fastest-growing religious groups in US with a new community sprouting every three-and-a-half WEEKS

A new Amish community springs up every 3 and 1/2 weeks!

And now the Amish are spreading to South America:

Amish growth extended to South America settlements last year

Once the Amish form their own military, it's over! They won.

All hail our future Amish masters! God wills it.
Time to join the winning side! Every man gets an Amish wife and a horse & buggy.

Our Amish girls will sing us to victory, and then they'll go back to the kitchen to bake us some fresh cookies.



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Womens rights = declining birthrate
Normies will never accept this simple fact.


No girl to send couple memes to
No condoms is bad though. Don't want to get STI from women, since they will still find a way to cheat.


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No condoms is bad though. Don't want to get STI from women, since they will still find a way to cheat.
That's probably very rare in the Amish community due to their strict upbringing.
Given their high birth rates, it's obvious that the Amish men have high libidos and testosterone levels, probably due to their healthy lifestyles.
The Amish wives are probably sexually satisfied by their hard working, high libido husbands.


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Amish are almost the only modern religious cult I respect. I am serious btw. I am not joking right now.



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They aren't taking over anything.