the balls


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The balls are round and look like spheres, thus they are feminine. They make a man think weak thoughts and lust for the female. Once a man is in a marriage for four years he will become full cuck.

I was watching a high class film yesterday. A film of aristocracy. In it, there was a high class female in there. A solid ten. A full on, Disney Aryan (I'm not a nazi, just love aryan females.)

She was so tall and strong, and sexy. And I said to myself, I'd pay 50 dollars to have sex with that woman, maybe more. Just to have sex with her one time maybe more.
Then I realized, back then (the 20's) women were still entitled. But at least back then the value of the dollar was worth a lot more.

Then I thought about a society of monogamy. Married to one woman. But what do I do when I see a 10/10. The balls lead me astray. And then I said one must make up one's mind. And I realize most males cannot make their mind up, they want monogamy, but also want to lust after 10/10 women. Thus no conclusion can be made. To be a monogamist one has to be cucked in the mind. But a society without monogamy leads to also being cucked.


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Monogamy is a big waste but the men getting multiple femoids currently haven't earned it, but were just chosen by femoids no matter how bad their personality is

Men naturally develop resentment when they're treated like they don't deserve men while other men are liked by women based on facial structure