The absolute state of white knights


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That's why all of them are constantly on social media posting pictures of themselves. They need the praise and the attention 24/7
Too bad the mainstream cucks dont see whats in front of their very eyes. Mainstream cucks believe that there are more narcissistic males than females, jfl.

Wasnt it male captains who went down with the ship and males who enter the lifeboats last? Males work in the mines and the front lines

Mainstream cucks are delusional like they are under a curse. Like if Jeff bezos's wife divorces him after 1-2 years of marriage, and demands 50 billion dollars, mainstream thinks thats somehow morally acceptable. For people to have this big of a delusion is probably because they are under a curse.


White knights make me just as sick and angry as the stacy or becky does.

A pathetic entity, feeding a selfish and demonic entity whatever they desire ... It's truly sickening.