the 80/20 rule


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80% of men compete for the least 20% attractive women, while the top 20% of men can have the top 80%. Women are far more selective and seek the most alpha and dominant men for mating. ( call this our biological "doom" as our brain get dopamine rush by seeing visual pleasure, where as women are more intuitive and manipulable, take advantage that men's brain are more developed in order to take risk and compensate looks with success.) There are exceptions, and a below average man with 2 million dollars of net worth are valued above many "chads" because women often value status over looks. My advice for incels like me is trying to find either financial success or just become black pilled to see how superficial the homo sapiens specie is.


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It sux and that is not all...the Earth is grim and doomed in other ways as well. If its not bad enough its on all fronts. Them trying to take away american rights. Fake news media. Pollution. No money from working. Etc.

I was an innocent soul, born into a bad world full of constant negativity. I deserved a better world meant for actual Human Beings.