The #1 trait that all losers have in common


it´s the act of trying.

to be good at something.

Trying to get a girl.

Trying to get that promotion.

The truth is the people that are at the top of their field never had to try anything. They were always the top dogs and always flew above the competition with zero effort.

Every successful pro athlete obliterated the competition during their childhood despite going through the same training. They were BORN talented, they never had to try.

Chad never had to lift a weight or put in effort getting laid. A sure fire way to tell if you are unattractive is if you have to gymcel, dress well or get a trendy haircut in hopes of getting laid.

It´s not just like that when it comes to getting girls, it´s literally like that in every facet of life.

in Germany there is a great proverb which goes something like this:

"The person who god helps will always be more successful than the person who gets up early"


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I am trying to get myself through a day. Every day. I fail.


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If you're an incel you know that. You know that you're a loser. Your brain knews that you're Sigma Male. There's nothing anything resembling free will. You're just a spectator of actions taken by your neural system


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The old folk had a lot of wisdom. We just use different wording now. The modern version would be " The person who's helped by genetics will always be more successful than the person who gets up early".


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Makes sense, but a lot of people say that they are successful because they had to work hard. I guess in a way, working hard is trying but different in that the people who work hard eventually succeed. As Yoda in "Star wars" once said: "Do or do not. There is no try"


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This isn't true, even most athletes have to train regularly to hone their God given talent, especially when they start aging. I know I constantly work very hard to be semi-successful in my professional life.

But I worked even harder to be ideal husband material (ffs that's the whole reason I even built a career) and have constantly failed at building a family or even getting dates.

Aside from the occasional prodigy hard work is required to excel in most things, but relationships aren't one of those things. 99% of that is height/frame/looks, and unless your job/money/skills/ect gives you an edge over another Chad then it's pretty much worthless to women in a world where they can fuck endless miles of Chad dick via tinder then get the government to support the bastards for them.

All that said, SJWs are working to ensure your statements are correct across the board, it's very scary how the hiring dynamic has started to shift this past decade so that being a woman or non-caucasian not only gives you an edge but is starting to outright disqualify far more qualified applicants because "muh diversiteh". There's also the fact that we have used many minority owned businesses for work in the past that literally do nothing but attach their name to a job and collect payment just so you can meet government mandated minority owned business quotas. It will be interesting to see how the western world collapses when raсe/gender are universally considered more important than knowledge, effort, and skill.