Testosterone levels dropping in American men...


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White women are becoming more and more manlike.6 ft tall, square jaws, muscular bodies and broad shoulders.
I wish there were more muscular women, of course they would still find me gross but i'd rather see more of them than hamplanets when I'm unfortunate enough to be out in public.


The End said:
Yeah, I heard that sperm levels are dropping in tandem with men's testosterone, and soon most men will be infertile if this trend continues. That's great news!
Not sure how this is a bad thing. I for one support underpopulation, my only problem with the underpopulation agenda is they don't believe in equality. Seems like they only want to underpopulate first-worlders while third worlders are not doing their fair share to help the earth.

In other news, the sterilization is only temporary and can be fixed by being high t.
I would rather more third worlds go than first worlds fr.


Would moving to a third world nation help?

1. More natural grown organic foods
2. Less sedentary lifestyle: More walking, Less sitting at home watching TV, bad internet forces you to expend your energy elsewhere
3. Fresh meat


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The pollution in the air, the radiation we're bathed in from electronics, the poisoned garbage which counts for food, the plastics in the water all have something to do with this chemical and radiological castration of men. It's a terrifying sight to behold and we're all in the middle of this sick structure.