Sup, I'm new here but not new to the whole incel thing. Here's my situation

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I only had one GF when I was in college and we broke up over 5 years ago. She had what I called " Disney Princess Syndrome" because in her mind she was a literal goddess that decided to give "me, a demi god but not as powerful as her" a chance and she asked me out, amidst a scare of me with colon cancer. Now heres the thing, I'm a good looking dude, I work out, dont eat much, and chicks generally dig my looks, but I think they "vibe" me out and just end up with an uglier dude that has better social skills. But that relationship got rid of all my desire to date again, because I thought she was my soulmate.

I learned, never date a chick because you lower your standards due to wanting affection, sex, or just a womans touch. She had sex with me ( a good looking dude ) and she thinks she is a goddess who was sent by the annunaki to save the world.

I am into the truth community and this is what brought us together at first, but she started to get inseure about herself, so our relationship turned into " Look I am more woke that you baby, that means you are just a low IQ sheep"

This ѕhit got me so mad. We broke up because she was being catfished by one of her enemies that pretended to wow her in an attempt to break us up ( which my ex did to her and this plan worked)

I felt bad for how delusional my ex was, she would embarras herself just to make me look bad, and the worst part is, because she is a female, she can't do no wrong, and I am the bad guy.

So its been 5 years single, but I don't get mad when I see couples or I don't get mad at the world for me being single. I had a lot of sex with her and her body was nice and tight so at least that worked well. So its easier for me to be single now post relaionship w Karen. She had such a nice tight little ass that I would clap!

Idk how I would go about getting a gf. The thing is, for me to chase a woman, she has to " wow" me, and give me butterfly stomach.

I havent felt having a crush on a woman in a while, leading me to belive that my ex, cursed me to never find a lover and not seek one. BTW, she was a practicioner of magic and spells, as am I ( occultist expert, artist, and sometimes I teach old ppl at the rec center about computers)

I know this is a huge ramble, sorry if idon't make sense as I am rather stoned right now. Thanks admins for accepting me! I am sure we will all find the woman of our dreams, just when you find her.... DON'T LET GO BROTHER!!!!!

Drew, out!


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Relax, dude) Remember that aside of getting a gf there are a lot of other things you may put your effort into. Chances are your these things will pay off in the nearest future she will regret of who she has lost.
Be happy and live your life)