Summer is awful


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Sometimes I seriously think I’ll go crazy - I live near a beach and in summer in a place where thongs and topless are completely normal beach even for younger femoids. It’s always bad to feel bodily rejection but even worse from publically half naked femoids.

I was in a lift - actually more like a funincular mini-train that goes up a hill. It was me, three very hot 18-20s and one clear chad (even if he wasn’t muscly, his face was an easy 8/10 and two girls - I’d say only 6s but dressed in just thong swimming costume ‘covered’ by cut off denim shorts right up the crack, and a loose fitting top. And there was this other Chad. He was probably a face-7 body-8. And it was clear he didn’t know the group with the girls in it at all.

They started messing arround joking, with each other in the little group and sorta twerking laughing telling each other to stop cos they were gross. I wasn’t looking at them not really, but it was right next to me.

Then the guy who was a stranger to them said: ‘stop being such sluts’. There was quiet and they all started laughing and talking and stuff. One of them even sat on his lap.

I couldn’t believe it - and sorta caught their eye as they started fooling around together. Not making out - but you know physically quite intimate and playful.

They saw me looking at them and they looked back like I had assaulted them.

A look that really genuinely made me feel gross to myself in my own skin. And a sub-human.

Yet I was literally just as much a stranger as he was


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I am less turned on by naked women than women wearing sexy clothes. When a woman has sexy clothes my mind goes crazy about how perfect and sexy she is. But when she is naked, my imagination is no longer turned on and just seems mundane and easier to cope. I think of haughty things like "Look how lopsided her tits are" and I start to have bitchy thoughts like those sorority bitches, it helps me cope.


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Sitting on lap is not consent. /soy

Also yes, another reminder that "bodily autonomy" and "sexual freedom" are about ladies whoring around.