[Suifuel] Just be nice to women. They like nice guys


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Water is wet.

Lol, I once knew a black guy who's mother, surprisingly enough, raised him the right way in regards to how he should deal with women. When he was a kid his mother told him, "Don't ever be nice to girls. Look at me. I don't want no nice mother f*cker anywhere near me."

If more mothers were like her I'm sure it would save many young men a lot of heartache.


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Brutal blackpill.
Getting friendzoned is worse than being completely ignored. Women take advantage of nice guys. Even then, the first challenge we face with women before they will start to even address our positive qualities is we need to be deemed 'safe'. I will not stalk you; harass you; molest your children, or worst of all, ask you out. The only way this happens if 1. They are around us for a long period of time like through work or school 2. We show zero interest in them. 3. When they do engage with us we talk about something we are super excited about that is completely unrelated to them. It could be a video game, but if you want to raise your value to them (beyond safe), you'd be better off with a cool hobby. Either way, depression makes us unsafe. If you come across as happy and passionate about something in your life, but equally as disinterested in them, you might be deemed safe. This is as far as you want to go with them.

You don't want to be friends with women unless it leads to romantic relationship. Safe -> fuсking. That's it. The middle ground shouldn't last more than one or two weeks. If it does, you are investing too much in them.