Study: Women rapidly lose interest in sex once in a LTR or living with a man


How many times have you been lied to by polite society? Add one more to the pile. Turns out women find monogamy and stable relationships an automatic turnoff sexually, and this is a proven scientific fact.

This is the source of all the dead beadrooms. Women are never happier than when they are being pumped and dumped by Chads. The idea of living with a man for years at a time kills their sex drive completely.

A growing body of research suggests that keeping sex exciting is an issue for women, especially in a years-long relationship. Contrary to what the distracted boyfriend meme might have you believe, women grow disinterested in sex with a long-term sexual partner faster than men, and report lower sexual satisfaction.

Women have less interest in sex when they have been in together for more than a year, and women who live with their partner tend to feel less sexual desire than women who don't. Another study published in 2012tells us that the longer a relationship lasts, the more women's sexual desire decreases, which is not the case for men. And finally, the results of a 2006 German study show that while 60 percent of women want to have "frequent" sex at the beginning of a relationship, in the four years that follow this figure drops to less than 50 percent, and after 20 years of relationship, it falls to about 20 percent. The libido of men, on the other hand, generally remains stable throughout the duration of a relationship.

"Women have a tendency to get bored faster than men in a monogamous relationship," Renaud said. "They want a form of sexual variety, while men are often content with very little. It is often women who will lose their desire first, and sometimes even quickly enough."

In other words, betabuxxing will empty your wallet but not your balls. Even after you give her a house and support her you will still be jerking off alone and she will only find you more repulsive with time.


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Tbh there was some doublethink about simultaneously claiming foids only want Chad and saying they ride cock carousel for as long as possible. Studies of that sort fix the problem. I wouldn't really trust soy media like Vice though, especially in light of the fact that the links in the article redirect to other news websites and only there you can see links to more or less reputable sources.

Anyway, it seems feemails only don't like getting pumped and dumped because they want to dump men and make them suffer and are afraid people will mark them as low-value, which means fewer orbiters.


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Women have a narcissistic mentality of cat on yarn or wanting males they cant have. Marriage=a man they can have=turnoff to the narcissist. This also manifests as masochistic desires of wanting to sleep with abusive chads.