Story of my life


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Story of my life is as a child I was pretty happy. Into nerdy, math and science things. Life was good nature was good. Then went through puberty. Puberty made me mentally ill. Didn't help I was raised to believe lust was a sin. Didn't help I grew up in a feminist society that told me it was wrong to lust.

Guess my question is, what if I got castrated as a kid. I guess my question is, would my life still be hell and mental ill. Because middle school and high school is full of such toxic people who bring me down. And the news is so negative and brings me down. What if no matter what it was rigged for me to be unhappy, and the world rigged it to be this way. I guess my question is would I have gotten jaded and broken no matter what. Or was it only puberty to blame.

Another thing is, saw some asexuals on youtube. Very unfunny people. As a child I was inherently funny. Also, had an some kind of inherent sex-drive even before puberty. So I'm not even sure tbh.


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Yeah, it's sort of similar to my story. I just don't think many could handle what happened in my life if I told them.