Stacey gets man to pay child maintenace even if its not his

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Quick summary: Stacey lies to man for 14 years and receives her child alimony. Once she confesses it was another mans sperm that made the child, the authorities still make him pay.

This goes to show how cucked our legal system is in the UK. It also shows you that women are allowed to get away with a lot. It means if anyone was to ascend with a single mother, no doubt you'll be paying child maintenance soon enough. There was also a report of a female who stabbed her boyfriend with a fork, but the judge let her off because she was in medical school and it would hurt her career. Just imagine the outcry if the genders were reversed. Society is surely stacked against men who are often manipulated to think that they're the priviledged gender.

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Would've gotten less time if he just stabbed her once finding out the truth instead of refusing to pay the bitch.

Anyway, more reasons to avoid marriage. I doubt pre-nup arrangements will matter and will just be swept under the rug if it's a cuckold or SJW roastie as a judge overlooking the case.


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The government will always make the man pay because they wont but they also want foids to be comfortable.

An asteroid cannot hit this clown world any sooner. If that news came to us, id be laughing at all the normies shitting themselves, while I wouldnt give a fuck about not existing.


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The CMS sent this letter confirming the dad 'is not the parent of this child'
Don't worry guys their ""free"" (obviously not taxed) therapies will solve his problem.


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In continental Europe, after one year after birth a bastard or cuckoo can almost no more attacked by the frauded payfather….

The only exeption is Germany. But only for Bastards and not also for Cuckoos. The payfather can ask the child maintenance capital back. But not from the frauding wh*re. Only from the impregnating fucker. And if this one is dead or on the run, also from Nobody....

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I don't know if you guys experienced this but when you quote posts from the internet, then begin writing on the board, the board deletes the entire post?