Stacey friend says she doesn't go for looks


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Judging by the title of this plus you're going to think that's a lot of crap and you're right I called her on it and said thats a load of bullshit and that she was full of herself and she precedes to tell me can have my opinion and that I am a know-it-all. and I told her you have 40 different guys chasing you you just don't realize it you just make your life suck I don't understand why women like this even exist they need to be exterminated boys want you to tell them your story and I told her no but I'm not your boyfriend you're not going to hear what I have to say stupid women


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Stacy loves validation which is why she sometimes seeks out men and acts flirty just to get some compliments and validation from the guy. She spreads her legs for Chad. Chad is unmoggable unless in the presence of a gigachad. But, it's rare to even see a gigachad, so Chad doesn't have to worry about losing Stacy. Even if he does, there are a shitload of other Stacies he can fuck.