Sorry but I have a boyfriend..


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GeraltOfRivia said:
DarkestLoner3 said:
Everytime a foid says that, it makes me wanna spill hot coffee all over her. Like that's the most tiring lame cliche excuse ever. But let it Chad or Tyrone roll-up and all of a sudden they're single...
Sometimes it's an excuse, sometimes it isn't. I heard that line so often, I just don't care anymore. From feeling angry from rejection I got to being just emotionless. She rejects me, so what? I just move on and pretend the rejection never happened.
And even if they lie out of their ass, it's not like I can do anything. Let them be liars and they will get what they deserve.
Man for a incel, you always see the positive in everything. The voice of reason... Respect.
Cheers man, I really appreciate it. It took me years to get to this level of calmness, positivity and self-control. It is not easy, it never is, but I know how it is to be angry all the time and it did me no good.