Sometimes people ask, "Why would you want an arranged marriage to a chick"


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That's like asking, "Why would you prefer to get a male customer support representative on the phone rather than a female?" Yeah, there probably are some douchebags who will transfer you around just like the chicks will, but on average, the dude is going to be more helpful and give you less of a runaround and make fewer bullshit excuses and whatnot. This gets back to chicks being lazy, incompetent, manipulative, etc.

Well, it's the same with pusѕy. If I'm trying to get a girl's pusѕy, why would I want to talk to her, and try to get her pusѕy by enticing her or whatever, rather than just talking to her dad and being like, "Yo, can I get your daughter's pusѕy"? It's probably going to be a more productive and honest convo talking to her dad, with less bullshit involved; there's going to be more rationality to the process rather than just a bunch of feelings.

These customer support chicks probably only want to help you if you speak up with a really manly resonant voice and say, "Hi, I'm Chad." It's the same way with other broads you try to game, most likely. A lot of us just don't feel like having to deal with chicks as though they were our equals (or, in the customer support situation, maybe even they act like they're our superiors, because we may be at their mercy), because whenever they have any power, they're generally going to want to treat non-Chads like ѕhit if they can get away with it. If they're superficially nice, that could just be because the situation dictates that they need to be, to get hold of those betabuxx or whatever.

And that's the thing; if we want good behavior from chicks, we need a situation where it's in their interests to behave well. Patriarchy creates that. It puts decisions in the hands of competent men, rather than these foids who, especially at the age of peak nubility, are very feminine and therefore emotional and childish and not suited to making decisions.

Even older chicks, though, probably make bad customer service reps a lot of times, and you know why? Because they're pissed off that their life went in some direction where they ended up as a customer service rep. Well, it's the same way with older women who are single; they're pissed off at their situation too, because they opened their legs to Chad and he didn't wife them up, so they're going to take that anger and frustration out on the world, especially men, and particularly the guy who's dumb and/or desperate enough to wife them up, since she figures he's enough of a loser to deserve it. We could just bypass needing to deal with all that, by having chicks get wifed up in their youth to a suitable guy via arranged marriage.

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