solution to decay


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Eggman told me theres a genetic decay in society. He said its because the older a man and woman gets, the worse the sperm and eggs get.

Buzzfeed states a man gets laid the most at age 50 and a woman at 18.

Obvious solution is to encourage teenage pregnancies. My other solution is, get your testosterone really high like a few days before you fuck. Should repair the sperm, theoretically speaking.

Chances are if you are reading this, you are incel, and might have to wait till forty or 50 to get laid, so be sure to remember this post.

Although society is fucked and the wimpy retards that run things don't care and it will be idiocracy most likely.

Also I don't agree with all of Eggman's views...he views cavemen and all chads as genetic superior, which is retarded.


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I don't agree with some of Eggman's black pills also.

He says a man is around to discipline kids. It's actually the opposite. Women over-discipline kids and make them rebellious. Men's job is to give true reality to kids. Mom's job is to provide padding. A man tells the kid he can do as much crime as he wants, but then drive around the ghetto and show vids of the consequences. Moms just preach to them crime is bad and lock them in their room.

Society says dads lack empathy and moms have empathy. Its actually the opposite. Moms nurture but are usually incapable of empathizing the other persons wants and needs. Whereas males brains are a mix of female and male parts, a female brain is 100% female. Females will never understand males but males will understand females and males.

This also includes their own daughters, moms will only be able to understand their own daughters if they are exactly the same as them.