software vs. hardware


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Some say males have a sex drive more than women. Some say women cant keep it in their pants for 5 minutes, when near Chad.

In any case, we agree both males and females have a sex drive (except for females who are mentally ill or something due to being raised in toxic households.)

software vs. hardware.

Society says females can be sluts and wear sexy clothes and heels. This is the innate female nature, the hardware, to desire cock of the chad, to desire to be used as cum bucket fantasy of chad, to be sexy to satisfy chad, to kiss other girls, to please chad.

The male natural hardware, is to desire the sexy woman. This is the male hardware, to lust and crave for the sexy female. To get a boner at womanization.

Yet society says cannot. Even chads be cucked. Even chads are told they cannot Lust and cannot send sexy messages to sexy girls. Over for chads, over for incels, over for all males.

Males are told they are not allowed to use their own Hardware. But must brainwash themselves with software. Software that tells them its wrong to lust, wrong to have natural sexy desires for hot females. Instead even chad is told he must develop his personality with this artificial personality software I call "software".

spoiler alert: incels cant win even if they have nice personalities


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I would compare it to airplanes in a holding pattern. They can only fly in a circle for so long before they run out of fuel and fall from the sky. They have to land at some point for fuel. However in this case, the control tower (society) is telling the planes (men) to remain in a holding patter indefinitely.

It makes no sense, we cannot be expected to maintain normal operations, under abnormal circumstances. We're simply running on fumes at this point, years of being shamed, rejected, and forced into isolation, has taken its toll, and we're at breaking point.