Society encourages people to go against each other


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I’ve learned from history that to find out who has the upper hand in power you find out who you can’t criticise. When it comes to the current controversial issues people will villainise people just for bringing up the possibility’s of how the issue arose.

this triggers a vicious cycle of being accused of villainising people for bringing up a thought based possibility When you weren’t intending to villainise people in the first place so the real people who villainise people are the ones who just goalong with the media ready to turn on those that disagree.

my first example is covid I’ve thought about it being biological man made war fare yet it’s to easily for me to be falsely accused of villainising the Chinese if I do that when I have no intention of villainising anyone in the first place.

I know this is getting political let’s go in to my second example when it comes to immigration trump wasn’t exaggerating potential immigrants as potential criminals he was just spreading awareness of crime rates that could be enabled if boarder restrictions where to be more relaxed.

on my third example is third wave feminism the feminists who spread the misandrist views are the ones that hijack it to sell the panic resaulting in feminism being a hijacked movement based of media orchestrated outrage


The problem is you can't criticize either party without conforming to the ideologies of one nowadays. If you're a leftist you are widely accepted in the Bernie Sanders communist-loving community who believe you should never have to work for anything, the government should fund everyone to live in a high-rise in the downtown area of the city they desire, every person who doesn't believe that transgender people don't exist are transphobic (even though it's a mental illness called gender dysphoria), and minorities should be placed in positions that they haven't worked hard to obtain for the sake of racial equity, even when in reality this will only lead to less productive decision-making and an increase in racism from whites who have been turned down from the same job because of the color of their skin in order to promote this racial equity. If you don't subscribe to these ideologies, you're literally Hitler.

If you're a right-wing conservative nutcase, you pledge your dying allegiance to politicians who literally don't care about you and can't relate to your experience as someone who isn't rich, believe the super wealthy won't need to be prodded to raise those living in severe poverty out of the terrible conditions they live in - they'll just do it on their own, and believe certain people (themselves) are superior to the remainder of society, not at all based on merit, due to outside factors such as skin color, nationality (I'm not referring to immigration, I'm referring to the hatred of other countries in general), etc. If you don't subscribe to these ideologies, you're a communist.

The key here is no one subscribes to the center because everyone has been persuaded to join one side or the other. The attitude is either "the feminists are creating a sexist society favoring women (true statement), so I will subscribe to a set of right-wing ideological beliefs because they are the only people who recognize this, and I am willing to accept condoning corporate greed in the process so I don't deviate from my party's agenda" or "the right-wing believe greedy corporations are run by people who are responsible, even though it has been proven time and time again they don't make many efforts towards sustainability and giving workers a fair wage in a comfortable work environment (true statement), so I will subscribe to a set of left-wing ideological beliefs because they are the only people who recognize this, and I am willing to accept condoning rioting and looting, which in essence only damages the communities we're trying to protect, in the process so I don't appear racist within my own party."

The center is fucked because if you try and take the moral high road - being angry at rioting but also recognizing racism exists, being economically conservative but wanting increased spending where necessary - you're hated by everybody. American society in particular has become so invested in the beliefs of their own political parties that Biden will be the last moderate President in our country's history. 2024 will be a clusterfuck between someone who sympathizes with communism and someone who sympathizes with cultural genocide.

Also, Canada can't even figure out how to distribute vaccines, Mexico & Latin America is poor as shit, the European economy is in tatters, Africa is Africa, and Asia is transitioning from totalitarianism (in the form of communism) to somewhat autocratic (Russia) and oligarchic (China) states, so there's nowhere to run from this shit. We're all fucked.