So is Bezos a cuck?

All we know:

1. Media claims that he was "ordinary guy" before he married.
- In 1993(29 yo) he was nearly a millionaire and in 1994 "Bezos became D. E. Shaw's fourth senior vice-president at the age of 30"

Here is his photo when he met MacKenzie
As you can see, even for his 29 he looks hideously. Balding, big nose, eye deformity, beta male chin and unattractive smile.

Time to describe MacKenzie
She is 23 at the time. Almost anorexic, bad teeth, lesbian looking, "novelist". Basically nobody. She looks like a canonical modern day LGBT\SJW activist. And because she is "novelist" i can certainly say that she is extremely lazy and choose this profession to earn something without doing real work. Isn't this surprising that all crazy LGBT\SJW\feminiѕt females are art designers, writers ... or unemployed.
Also "MacKenzie Bezos is the founder of the anti-bullying organization Bystander Revolution (2014)"

Ok, she found her money bag, so she don't need to work a single day. Congratulations.

2. Media claims Bezos cheated on MacKenzie fall 2018
- They split up in middle of 2018 and lived in different homes then finally decided to end marriage.
Pretty typical that media is trying to blackmail male, I mean it happens all the time.

His elder son was born in 2000(7 years after marriage). He got 3 sons and one adopted girl from China. He is a strict father and believes his kids must earn everything themselves.

The real answer to why they broke up is carefully hidden, but I can finally tell you that real reason is because Jeff don't want to "make it rain" for 4 kids and herself. She want her kids to be golden, provide them with luxury cars, apartments ... But since Jeff is against it she made his life unbearable with her.
Bezos is a good guy, but unfortunately he got cucked.

Please remember that feminism never died in 2016, it just infected every aspect of our lives so it's less noticeable.



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Cuck or not, he can afford divorce. For a middle class man divorce means not only risk of never seeing his (even if actually biologically his) children again, but being homeless and in debt thanks to the alimony robbery. All divorce courts are biased towards females.


I will never understand how can millionaires let their women just take their money away like that. Now if I was one of them, I'd rather hire an assassin. With so much money, you can literally get away with it. It's matter of principle for me, I'd do it even if it means I'd end up in jail for life. Nobody deserves to take your money.


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ItheIncel said:
Nobody deserves to take your money.
Cucked laws are cucked. Usually the only thing a female does in a marriage is providing sex, therefore divorce paychecks are a live proof that all women are prostitutes and a sub-Chad is going to pay for their services now or in 25 years. From that perspective, taking money from him to her is justified. Also legally enforced these days.

So, in a sense, this "feminiѕt" approach to divorce objectifies wamyn and shows that their greed has no bounds. The richer a man is, the more he pays for exactly the same supply. Clearly it's cucked by some long gone standards, but by modern ones this is probably OK.