SJWs and Chads are abominations of evil


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I don't hate all SJWs and Chads, but the one's I hate I hate with all my strength...

Browsing the internet I was reading their hate-filled FILTH slandering and attacking incels....

These people literally deserve to die, they celebrate when an incel commits suіcіde, they openly celebrate incels getting raped in prison...these people are beyond evil, these SJWs and chads are subhumans...

It is a scary thought that these kind of of subhumans are the one's women tend to breed with, a very scary thought indeed, I don't want to be born into a world that is dominated by these people... these people are less than human

The way they talk is like a small-child, you can read it in the way they type, mentally infantile and dishonest... They constantly use Eliot Rodgers to shame incels, and claim we are all cave-dwellers... Their dishonesty gets even worse, they act like we can't laid because of our personalities, and all we have to do is be nice and respect women and we will get's a lie they use to demonize us. They wouldn't know anything about respect or being nice either, they are rotten to the core...abominations...
Their views on sex are infantile, it is a fact that 18 year old girls are at their prime, that's science, SJWs hate science because it's true, fucking 18 year olds is not pedophilia, its legal, SJWs are mentally retarded feminists and hate nature... SJWs are like a toxic cancer, a are the chad's posting in the comments, they are pure evil...
Finally, I'm not sure he was talking about girl's prime or guy's prime, he might have been saying guys are in their prime at age 19, so the sjws could have been even more dishonest...they are vile

Warning, here the FILTH posted by SJWS and Chads... it is heavy so read with caution:


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Women are viable from when they start menstruating. However they may not have the neccesary skills for motherhood at that time. At 18 they have enough life experience to be mothers. Male viability peeks between adolescence and to mid 30s. Afterwards, testosterone levels start to fall. Testosterone therapy is an option when testosterone levels fall. I think it is ridiculous that the sjws and Chads find enjoyment in our demise. It is infantile. There is nothing wrong with an older male being with a woman that is legally of age. It is natural for this type of relationship to happen, and if both parties consent, what is the problem?


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Chad couldn't care less about inceldom. It's a foreign concept to him, because for Chad it actually only takes "just being confident" to slay.

Incel shaming is only a thing among sub-Stacy "femcels" who then go on whining on Chad's indifference towards them and their beta cucks retinue who take pride in making it with a landwhale every 29th February.

For Chads and Stacies talks about inceldom are a distraction from their charmed lives or a chance to virtue signal when they feel like it.

Also, SJWs who claim that older women are better to date are coping hard. They need that because all prime women belong to Chad until he decides they are past it.