Should women be considered human?


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I've come to a point in my life where i'm convinced that it's easier to go on about life by treating women as a different species. They are just too different from us entirely, they are evil, cold hearted, and on average have lower IQ's than us.


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i think both sexes are human. A lot of similarities. I don't think they're evil, or cold hearted in general. Only with people they don't like.


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JerryboCooper said:
They don't treat us like humans, so why should we treat them as such?
Well forgive me I'm new in this forum as it seems with me being a woman maybe not welcome but anyways... What do you mean by not trating you like humans? And apart from that, ik that a lot of women act in ways that are not kind at all but considering every single woman as not worthy to be treated correctly seems to me like a big generalisation on this one.


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I wouldn't really say that women have lower iq than men since there is more women on this planet, but women are usually more emotional which makes them stupid, so technically you have a point. I don't see anything wrong with looking down on women even tho it's not really normal. This is pretty theoretical but... I for example see women as tools. Tools that should be used. Women disgust me because they are human and they are weaker than men. It's weird that even tho I realize my way of thinking is wrong but I still stand for it. I wouldn't really call them cold hearted. If you consider a woman cold hearted then you are weak. Women are a waste of time.


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They certainly have no humanity in them, no love or compassion or loyalty. They are selfish and see men as disposable.
Not even the chadliest of chads will be truly loved by a woman.

So yes, you could say that they're inhuman.


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“Are women human?” Yes. They have a brain, heart, skeleton, vascular system etc... the main difference is their sex organs. Woman too have the emotional intelligence to feel everything a man can.