"Sex Doesn't Matter"


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one is a inkler, the other is a chad (no in the looks department but on pure power)

one is a a male desperate for females, the other is a mass murderer(killed more than sadam hussein) , which makes people fear him, and women have vagina tingles

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I rāpe girls (in minecraft)
Imagine being so privileged as a gender that you give a ѕhit about incidents like this

He barely did anything. It's like me getting mad at someone because they touched me in a way that I didn't like. It's ridiculous.


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The girl likely doesn't have any recollection of this happening, and will doubtless end up unconscious behind another dumpster.

Doubtful she'll even end up behind another dumpster. rаpe victims are basically the modern day equivalent of royalty, as long as they look 'cute' and 'pure' enough - read, young enough


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"Sex doesn't matter, it's not that important."

That's what normies tell us. They say that sex is not important, nobody owes it to you, so you should just shut up and know your place as an incel subhuman.

But sex is important. It is literally one of the 3 base animal desires, besides food and water. Animals who are unable to mate show signs of profound psychological distress.

"Sex doesn't matter, it's not that important."

If that's really the case, why are people who break the social contract by committing sex crimes like rаpe or sexual assault, regarded as being the most evil and scorned people on Earth? If a man is even accused of doing such a thing his life is over. He will go to prison. He will have a very, VERY bad time in prison. And will then have to go on a government sanctioned vigilante hit list called the "sex offender registry". They are subjected to punishments and post-sentencing supervision that not even murderers out on parole must face.

Brock Turner is probably the most hated man in America for fingering a passed out chick behind a dumpster. He and his family have recieved literally thousands of death threats, and has had armed protesters stand outside his home threatening to kill him and his family.

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But is he worse than Timothy McVeigh? Who bombed a federal building killing 168 people, including dozens of children? Well apparently according to society, YES. McVeigh not only recieved fan mail from white supremacists and anti government activists from all over the country, but literally got dozens of marriage proposals in prison from adoring fan girls while on death row.

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A man who in cold blood killed 168 people is viewed as being more worthy of forgiveness (on a social level, not a legal one) than a drunk dude who fingered a passed out chick.

That's how sanctimonious and important society views sex as. A mass murderer who killed 168 people is seen in a better light than a man who put his finger in a woman without consent.

But hey... "sex doesn't matter".
I approve both men for what they did