Sex and even being loved is a luxury that only the top men can have


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I have learned that especially within this generation (gen z) to be loved and cared about is a luxury that only the absolute top men can have. The girls (hypergamous wh*res) of my generation seem to only desire Latino men with curly hair and a face like a male model. I find Jbw ironic because many girls my age rejected me because of my raсe (white). I’ve been told by countless foids “I don’t date white guys.” “I don’t like white guys”. To even be cared about in this evil society you have to look good. Because your looks not only determine your love life but they determine how your perceived and how your treated by people. If you look like ѕhit you will get treated like ѕhit by everybody, if your attractive you can obtain sex which In this day and age is a luxury that only a small amount of men get l. I believe we have or will reach an apex where only the top 10 percent of men will get girlfriends and 90 percent of men will never get laid and will die alone.


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I wanted to experience love just for one time just for one day the illution of a woman taking care of me spend time with her is something that i always wanted, i cant enjoy copes anymore i am desperate for a woman affection but they are all Chad only