Self Relaization


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I am curry cell and what we currys usually do to find girls was to work hard day and night for a job and earn money and build house and then beg to parents to find arranged marriage to us.And if the parents are wealthy or poweefull some lucky curries get beautyfull indian foids.And this is very rare and in arranged marriage market most are not foids but below average girls. (If there is foid then she had very great demands).most curries ends up with a ugly curry like him.And will for all their life betabuxx for the curry .this structure is so solid and it doesnot a curry it is just a matter of Chance and probability that you get a normie girl.And I see most of curries around me walking with girls with fat bellies and stinking small.I feel sad for them.But I also feel scared because one day Iend up like that.I get nightmares thinking about that situation where I end up with a curry girl with the smell of betel leafs.i also fear society and friends will push me to that..