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Tried to be nice. Tried to be kind. Tried to be funny and adopt a positive attitude. But it dawned on me today, and I finally "woke up". That I am nearly 30, nearly 30 and no positive female relationships.

It's not right to treat a human being this way. Nearly 30 still alone and unloved...its not RIGHT!!!! Humans should not have to go through this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Worse part is I'm willing to date a shemale, but still rejected. I'm willing to date even James Charles, but he'd reject me for not being a 10/10. My only dating options is ugly, cro-magnon men, and it fills me with rage. I refuse to date a cro-magnon, and I REFUSE to date a chad (not that chad's would date me anyway.) Definitely refuse to have sex with a fuckboy Tyrone, no matter how desperate. Not only are they ugly...but they get all the fun! I refuse to contribute to them feeling any kind of satisfaction.

I hate this planet and world and everyone on Facebook. I hate this society, and culture. I love Nature and the Forest. Humans are Enemies of the Forest!!!!!!!!

I tried to be nice but now I am in Hulk mode. I hate this constant feeling of infinite hatred, rage, and despair. People tell me to "just be positive" because women don't want to date an angry person. But how can I not rage when I am TRAPPED in a mental cage??????

I think about cutting off my balls and it makes me feel hard, then I realize that I won't be able to orgasm...then it makes me RAGE into Hulk mode, an ultimate BEAST warrior, like a BERSERKER beast, a giant 10 ton beast of steel, a gigalord on STEROIDS...

It's a ZERO SUM game...its clear women don't want me, Women get to happy and date whoever they want, while I have to suffer and rot in this CAGE...I thought about getting a sex-change because its clear women can't stand the sight of me...but then I realize I'd be rejected by lesbians...Incels CAN'T win... What would truly make me happy, is if there was a giant Arena tournament, and I was a 10 ton gigalord with brutal steel, and in the arena they put 100 white knight numales that get laid...THEN we see who is the alpha...THEN we see who is the one who gets laid, without artificial society keeping me in chains...

That will never happen, so I want to form a rock band, I want to SCREAM into the microphone, rock music solutions, next closest thing...


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+1, The alpha thing isn’t real , most of people are just acting , most pretentious cunts .I would destroy them too , beat them to pulp


I am who I am and I can be no other
I wish I could construct these weird lenses that a femoid can wear to transform the image of who she is looking at into someone more handsome. I would make her wear these and I will be transformed into a Chad in her eyes. I will then wipe out her former memory of me so that she thinks I really look like that. I won't let myself be seen by her if she's not wearing the lenses. The Chad version of me will still look kinda like me, but just way better, so it'll still kinda be me that she's fallen in love with.

If she ever sees me when she's not wearing the lenses, I'll zap her memory again to make her forget