[Revenge fuel] I made a company fire a chad(extroardinary evil one)


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I am proud of myself.

After months of having this chad talk about this thing called "sex", I convinced the hippie bosses that he was born an asshole and could never be decent.

I said to leave the company (bosses think higly of me), which came to a shock to them(small company, hard to find workers). I was very brutal to the point they cried.

Some people see me as a monster, I enjoy that. Because...

"I am justice"


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Well done. You are my hero! Thank you for teaching Chads their place, most of them are blind and arrogant pieces of ѕhit.


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Yep. I encountered this one Chad who is a complete psycho. And somehow gets laid with all the women in town. And he said horrible things to me and threatened my life. So I'm debating whether or not I should get him banned from one of his favorite hangout centers. But if I get him banned it may make him angrier at me. So I'm not sure.

What I am sure of is that I sure hate Chads.


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I get p***ed off with certain people (they know who the are) that over the years repeatedly asked me if I'd found a GF, to embarrass me in company. Or silly remarks about getting a mail order Philippine bride or Russian doctor bride who wants a European passport. Thanks Trevor. Just 'cos you've got money, cars, marriage, 3 kids, foreign holidays etc. Go on. Have a good laugh.


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If I had opportunity to take revenge, I would be either Chad or Stacy. Those ѕhits needs to feel our pain and agony. I never had anything to loose to begin with, so.. god bless america i guess?


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https://www.patreon.com/Nickib214 Go to the IRS AND BURN THIS fuсking STACY...SHES APPARENTLY MARRIED AND IS UN fuсking LOYAL

IRS FORM 211 is the whistleblower form


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frecklearms72 said:
Bad thing is that he'll probably land a even better job just because of his good looks and his charm.
Yeah, he can easily earn six figures for just existing as a male model.