(Repost) A new sport for Friday and Saturday nights


Incels.Net Junior
If you live in a city centre or know of a high rise building in the city centre you can get access to I have a fun new game to play.

being a man of simple pleasures the game simply involves shining a laser pointer in front of groups of drunk chads/staceys/foids as they’re walking and enjoying the reactions.

with the Neanderthal chads they will normally try to chase after the laser and even pretend to attack it to protect the staceys from it.

the staceys/foids will normally get freaked out and if it’s a group of just foids will run away from the laser. At this point for maximum keks you should keep following them with the laser either in front or behind them as they run

The most fabulous thing about this sport is that you can harass foids in real life absolutely anonymously. I would love if we could get a thread going with video posts of other *cels doing this as a bit of light entertainment.