Red, Blue, black Pill. First ever forum, first ever post.


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Latus said:
5ft3... now thats just depressing
I’m quite comfortable with my height, but it seems to be The more focused point from my post.

what is a good height? (Not that I can change it, just curious)
What’s yours if you don’t mind me asking?
Most women prefer guys 6 feet or taller, although some will settle for chads who are under that but still taller than they are


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Blackguard said:
Mr. Noname20 said:
And a another Fakecell troll...
The blackpills are evrywhere, and yet somehow they must be denied. My purpose on this forum is to discuss TRUTH.
Yet the soyciety and the media, prefer to live in a sweet fake universe. JFL
Ok. Maybe i was just a little bit hasty in my conclussion
Not nessesarily, delusion hs no bounds today. If your 5'3, you may have options if you have a great social circle. Or status or live outside the west.
Otherwise most likely.....


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RedPillSavedME said:
i can change that with good effort.
You can't become 6'0"+ bro.

Foids see you unworthy with that height, and they all virture signal.
and women love funny guys...
You're right dude. You are fuсking HILARIOUS if you actually believe that makes a difference hahahahaha. $$$$$$ is Lie. You'll no longer be incel, that is true. But the only foids you'll get are those after all your money. High Maintenance gold digging hoes looking for you to fund their entire life, or the Baby Trappers that lie about birth control and poke holes in your condoms for that sweet child support check. As soon as the money is gone, they are gone, Period.

Like everything I say, Need Proof? Lets take Comedian Katt Williams, height 5'5"

He was on top the world for a while making $$$, Chadding it up with Hollywood bitches, smoking all the free weed he wanted. Even got his ass a wife. Then he started to 'be himself' talking about some of the evil ѕhit real Chads in Hollywood were doing. All of sudden his movie deals fell through, and no one would book him anymore for shows. He had no $$$$ coming in, but owed $300k in Taxes. So he got desperate and tried to keep relevant by making a Viral Video of himself getting beat up by a 7th Grader.

So where is he now? Doing tiny clubs for chump change where more people come to laugh at him instead of his jokes. What about that loving wife?

"Katt Williams has also a daughter named Jessica and has adopted other six children making him a father to eight children. He is said to have married Eboni Gray in 2010 who has now suit a case on court asking 2.5 million per month in spousal support"

But you do you bro, you'll see the truth one day. LMFAO