Recovering with Community


The Incel of Incels
Do you have a recovery strategy? I am realizing how hard it is to be normal and happy. I am just watching the movie To Write Love On Her Arms; a story about a young woman who recovers from drug addiction with the help of her friends. People go through shit, but if they are cool enough or good looking enough or fun enough they still have created these bonds with people in their past that are there to help them.

I'm really trying to reach out to people. I'm just not fashionably different enough for anyone to take interest or want to be close to me. I wish I had a close friend group. I often pray that maybe somebody from my past would look me up. It would be nice to know that maybe I left a positive impression with someone; that someone thought of me and was wondering where I went or how I was doing.

I just don't think it is possible to fully recover without love and I'm not sure where to find it.
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