R/incelswithouthate got banned


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Yes I guess some will migrate.

But I wasn't too surprised it got banned as reddit has been taking more action on banning "hate subs" so honestly it was just a matter of time before this one did.
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Reddit is a godawful den of fаggotry -- that entire site is filled with endless NPC's.
It's one giant hive mind of leftists and SJW's circle jerking each other, anyone who offers an alternative point of view will get immediately downvoted and eventually banned.

King Abazo

There's nothing worse than having Axel as teacher
This is what happens when we men try to talk about our problems and worries. We are mocked, severely punished and silenced. It seems that when we men create a site where we can talk about our problems, others will always want to take down that site. The only thing we get out of talking about our worries is retaliation from others.