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So, I've noticed a few things among the incel community that have raised questions.

Why do most incels label themselves 'beta-males'? They claim that the 'alpha males' have dominance, but that level of lack of confidence.. I mean.. Not to say i dont think attractive people have a leg up in dating, but still.

Why can't women be incels? They're held to rigorous beauty and social standards as well, and are rejected for many of the same reasons men are.

Why are many incels so misogynistic? If one, you know, didn't believe women were objects and owed them sex, and had a decent personality and attitude towards women, maybe they'd have better luck dating?

How do y'all feel about transgender folks? (I'm fine with them myself)

Why do many incels believe sex is a must for a happy relationship?

None of these questions are supposed to be offensive, these are merely observations I've made.
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