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I am not an Incel, but I don’t come here to troll of harass any of you all! I am writing a research paper discussing different online communities, and I was hoping I could ask a couple questions for you all to answer (if you don’t mind) I want to get the most accurate take on this community, so please answer with all seriousness! :D

1) What made you become an incel?
2) How often do you engage with the incel community?
3) Do you feel that being an incel is a major part of your personality?
4) How do you view non-incels?
5) How do you think non-Incels view you and other Incels?
6) Have you ever personally witnessed “extremism” within your community?
7) Why do you think others become Incels?
8) Do you think there are ways to “fix” yourself to stop being an incel, or do you believe it is out of your control?
9) Do you support people who suggest violence against women and other groups? (Extremists, Ellіot Rodgers, etc.)
10) Do you interact with other Incels in real life, or solely online?
11) Are the people you interact with in real life aware of the fact that you are an incel, or do you keep it a secret?

Thank you so much to anyone who answers these, I really hope I can portray this community accurately! If you want to add anything on, go ahead! I need as much information as possible :)
Not open for further replies.