Questioning the "official" statistics


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I have found a source which has statistics that make me doubt the narrative.

That is to say, what I am saying is...Many of the mainstream statistics may be complete lies.

These new statistics, which seems to be more trustworthy than mainstream, tell me that only 0 or 1 heterosexual males get laid a year.

This contradicts the mainstream statistics that males are getting 100 sexual partners a year. Earlier I made a jealousy thread based on the 100 partner statistic, but now that is being put into question. In fact, much of what the mainstream says may be blatant lies.

I think the agenda is to create the illusion that males getting laid is the norm...when incel/landwhale sex is the norm. Males need the delusion that they are loved by women, when women hate them and hate sex with most males. Without the delusion, males would not participate in the blue pill system and continue to make the 1% filthy rich.


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that 100 per year stat has GOT to be fake... Doesnt that average out to a new sex partner around every 3 to 4 days? Thats seems REALLY INSANE!!


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I looked at the chart. The biggest group of males age 30-34 is only 1 sex partner. This implies incel is the norm for males.

Most mistakenly assume it means Monogamy is happening. But most likely it does not, most likely it means most males got laid 1 time or had 1 girlfirend then gave up after realizing how much effort they had to put into it and little women cared about them.