Question from an undesirable OP


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So... my question in kinda simple, but i wanna clear a few things out of the way first.

Im a girl. Foid if u like. I thought Bluepill subforum was the right place to post this, but i also could be wrong. I'm not sure if we are allowed to post here at all and if that's the case i apologize. I'll understand if i get banned. Also, english ain't my first language so sorry if anything sounds off.

I think u are very well aware of the attention you get, in a bad way but attention nonetheless. What do you as incels think about femoids reading this forum? Why do you think they/we do it for? I know i'm not the only one and wanted to hear/read your take on it. Sorry if it sounds like mockery, i promise it is not. Just honest curiosity.


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Each femoid is different, in terms of politics. But in terms of dating, all femoids act like narcissists. Still waiting to see one that doesn't. Femoids will claim they are different, not like the others, then forget about you for weeks, months, or even years.

Also, second stage of the Relationship is Empathy, forgiveness. Never seen a femoid reach this stage, femoids seem unable to forgive males over trivial things such as words or arguments.

As for femoids browsing the forum, in terms of politics each one is different. Males are equally as much of a threat as femoids. Both males and femoids will twist, turn, and contort things into their fake news agenda to demonize us.


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This is the blue pill discussion.
It's supposed to be hyperoptimistic and friendly so I guess you can post here.
If anyone treats you as trash, you can always report them as everyone in this discussion is supposed to be polite


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Well, I think femoids read this forums because they are attracted to the attention that the incel forums gets, not necessarily because they care about incel's suffering. Femoids like status whether it's good or bad, as long as it's popular or mainstream, which is why they read the forums. Femoid's nature never change, money, status and good looks is all they care about. Even though they know they are the cause of our inceldom, they enjoy incel suffering because they get some attention from it and it makes them feel good and empowered. Femoids also cannot understand how the lack of never having your first kiss, a hug, girlfriend, love or sex can make you sad as hell in your mid 20s. But femoids claim that it has to be some other issues causing inceldom, when the main problem is the lack of love from a woman. Of course femoids cannot understand because they can constantly get a partner right after a breakup, and get all the emotional and physical perks of it. I was never a bitter person when I was a teenager, but as I grew older, and got bullied by normies, I thought at least maybe a woman will like me for my personality regardless of my looks. I did not meet such woman even though I aimed at obese and unattractive women, but faced more and more rejections. Am physically fit, it's just my face and head that looks disfigured, but no femoid has ever looked pass that.