Question about sexuality.


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Sometimes in mornings I dry hump the bed. My question is, when you guys fantasize about fucking females, are you invisible in the fantasy? Its like, in my fantasy all I see is the woman and loving and worshiping her. But in the fantasy its like I am invisible, I have no form, or identity. Its like I masturbate to the idea of fucking a woman, but I have no shape or form in the fantasy, I am invisible. Is anyone else like this or just me?

Side note, I masturbate only like once a month because I have watched porn so much it is boring. Even my own sex fantasies are boring because I know it is not real and just imaginary. Then I think about how toxic real life is and the stress just makes my boner limp.


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I don't even toss off anymore. I realized I'll never have sex and everyone woman on earth finds me ugly, so fantasizing about women is futile. I just spend my days working out, playing video games, and listening to music. But, occasionally when I do fantasize, I put myself there with the girl (usually my coworker or the girl who ghosted me) and pretend I'm wanted by her and that she wants to fuck me. I wish I had a 4D digital hologram of my coworker with VR goggles so I can pretend I'm with her 24/7 every second of the day


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I get what you mean, in my fantasies my visual is on the chic I'm thinking about at that time. I dont envison myself in the scene like it is in porn. My masturbation varies at times, I can sometime go a week or two without but other times I can do it every other day. I'm still new here but ive learned alot about myself already. Accepting that I'll probably never have sex with a woman again and having my only "outlet" as my fleshlight is kind of where I am on the whole masturbation subject.