Question about escort maxing


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For those who have escort maxed, what are your suggestions and experience?

I’m going back and forth on one hand I know I won’t have a relationship and I just want to have the experience of having sex and kissing. But on the other it disturbs me to think about escorts like I don’t like the idea of having to pay for something that’s free for everyone else and it’s expensive too. I hate the idea that the fiod has had hundreds if not thousands of dicks in her sweet pussy stretching it out and infecting her with gross things that I don’t want to catch. I don’t want to be with an escort that does bare back. Ideally I would like a classy one but is there such thing as a classy escort?

If you used an escort for your first time how long did you “buy”? I’m worried I’ll get nervous or not know what to do and end up wasting my money. How much does it cost to have a “real girlfriend experience”? Like where you have dinner or a movie ect and they come back to yours and cuddle and have sex and then wear my t shirt to bed and stays the night...maybe with more sex in the morning....? Bankrupting?