Proof I was right all along.


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I saw QuantumCatX's youtube for the first time. She say it like it is.

I was right along the whole human species is garbage people.

Females are only attracted to LOW IQ types and want to make an idiocracy. Females want to DEVOLVE the human race.

QuantumCatX says it like it is and drops deep dank darkpill truths.

She says SJWs, Conservatives, Libtards, are all a bunch of bad people, which they all are. Says there's no nice people anymore or people she can relate to. Can't even browse the internet anymore without reading toxic negative comments that ruin your week. The human race is feces, garbage, etc.

Says she is lesbian and got only laid once and all women avoid her because she has autism and high IQ. Says SJWs and Conservatives hate her because she is isnt a blue pilled normie.

Human race are shit-stains, imps, goblins, worms, chicken-shits, etc. The human race is mostly cancer and mostly maggots