Problem w my sister and our new dog, how to train him


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My favorite breed always was bull terrier and it will remain like that.
I just find them so fascinating and beautiful.

SO we decided to get a new dog. Sadly my sister got the right to choose the dog and his name. So we got this guy
He is cute sure but not my kind of dog but i didn't care it was hers i just wanted to play w him and feed him sometimes bc i though she's gonna take care of him. Jfl at me. Guess how much she was intrested in him.....not one month or a week but one fuсking day. She doesn't care at all and is never home. He has 2 months so i became his dad even tho i never wanted to. I spend the whole day w him bc he always cries and im sad when i hear it. Now i want to learn him some basic commands but im not sure how. Should i start now or should i wait another month. Idk what to do i got a son i never asked for lol.


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Sell the dog and use said money to purchase a prostіtute. Hate fuck the prostіtute pretending its your sister. Tell her the dog ran away coz she didnt love it and the dog felt sad coz of this.
I can't, i collect his poop and clean after him, feed him, i wash him and brush him, play w him, take him on walks and help him sleep bc he is scared of everything so im kinda beginning to like him and i just couldnt do it. I just want to teach him commands and for my sister to start taking care of him :(


Everything is fucked


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