Private school is social hell


Burgundy Pilled
I go to a private school and the one thing I've been starting to notice as of late is that the amount of normies is so much higher compared to public schools.
Nearly everyone, probably like 80% of both guys and girls at my school are at least 7.5-8/10 on average. And since there are so many of them, finding a gf/bf is pretty much inevitable for them.
But for the unattractive minority of guys, since even the bottom-tier girls have such high standards, finding a gf or even a hook-up is basically impossible.
If finding a gf in public school is impossible too, I might as well just give up right now, right?


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Yeah Priv. school are more chadlittles but in Pub. school its almost the same shit, ages from 16 to 23 or 24 are the most brutal cuse of school all u see are couples and hot thots. One is ugly wherever you go,