Portrayal of 'incels' in media


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See attached image. Translation of the selected passage is, "For both of the males, it was the first time they had seen a non-professional female truly reach climax." My question is, why would they mention this? What is the reader supposed to think? They might not technically be 'incel' — maybe they had girlfriends who pretended to climax — but it is a similar territory. How is the story improved by mentioning this?

About the story: this is from "Taimashi Mikoto", by Crimson. Language is Japanese. There is no English translation. It is not recommended for anyone who wants to stop being 'incel', but the Japanese version can be illegally downloaded through a complicated process that involves making an account on e-hentai.org and only then visiting a secret sister site that has many images that were deleted from the main site due to complaints and stuff. Visiting the site before then results in a cookie being stored that blocks access.

The basic story up to this point: Mikoto is a 'taimashi', which can be translated as 'devil executioner' or 'exorcist', but there are already other words for 'exorcist'; Japanese Wikipedia just uses "ecusoshisuto": https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/エクソシスト Literally translated, 'taimashi' is 'repel demon warrior', or 'demon-repelling warrior'. This is one of those weird Japanese stories/plots. If you put the chapters in chronological order (the second is a flashback), this is what has happened:

She was in taimashi school where she showed some promise but people were disappointed in her, because she isn't as good as her older sister, who is a once-in-a-hundred-years talent. Mikoto has the best grades but can't get a perfect score in "houjutsu 法術", which is like magic or something related to Buddhism. Then another student comes along and gets a perfect store; Mikoto challenges her to a duel and loses and agrees to become a slave for 24 hours to hide the results of the duel; her spirit is destroyed by the experience and she becomes convinced she is a weak person; she searches ancient texts held by her family to learn of a powerful, but dangerous artifact; and she retrieves that artifact, which holds a sentient tentacle-spawning magic creature that feeds off of her energy.

Three days before the posted image, she accepted a mission to destroy a powerful demon that had already caused two other, 'B-class' taimashi to go missing. Due to events, she almost lost her virginity to this demon, but at the last second she called on her artifact, which destroyed the demon and two other weaker demons.

This brings us to the present. She has accepted a mission to destroy a weak demon close to where she lives. However, this female-shaped demon escaped when Mikoto attacked it, and two males who had been hypnotized by the demon are now molesting her even though she wants to go find and destroy the demon.

So: why in the world would the author feel the need to mention that "it was the first time they had seen a non-professional female truly reach climax"? Are we supposed to feel sorry for them?


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So In short, you're saying Indian males are seen as sub-human rаpist? Are you a youncel? Why the obsession over a generic hentai plot? I had my hentai phrase when young too but posting this will drop our already rock-bottom reputation down.


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"Indian males" lol. Males are just drawn with darker skin when they act promiscuously. (Females are not drawn with darker skin in this situation.) The same male can even be drawn with darker skin color when he starts to act this way.

Three out of three posters have ignored the question and focused on the plot. Maybe I should remove that part.

Spoilers: they live. 11 pages later,

[Males] Uu . . .
At the same time [as events on previous page], the males lost consciousness and crumbled to the floor.

[The artifact, named Makara 摩伽羅 or "Rub Aloes wood", a bracelet] It's all right . . . backlash from being controlled will make them sleep for about an hour. You can be assured they will have returned to normal after half a day.

[Mikoto] Good to hear . . .

[Her bracelet] People like this? They aren't worth concerning yourself over, no doubt?

[Mikoto] But, it was just because they were being controlled by the demon . . . I think everyone experiences desires, after all . . .

Somewhat uncomfortably, Mikoto mumbled this.

This gentleness was something that Mikoto, who had been made to taste "one's own weakness" many times throughout her life, possessed, and it also showed a real feeling of sympathy.