Pocket pants.


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I've been accused of being a feminist, so I want to do a solid for feminism by introducing Pocket Pants™ for women.

Pocket Pants™ will introduce a better life for women and incels, because with pockets women won't go on as much spending sprees as before. Who knows, maybe women will actually value personalities this time instead of being golddigging whores. With pockets, men don't have to be walking ATM machines any longer. Women can instead, just reach down in her pockets and grab the money, doesn't need men as an atm machine.

Maybe with pockets, women won't go around wearing fetish pants all day that have no purpose other than to fetishize their own bodies. With their hands in their pockets, instead of fondling their own smooth pants, maybe then they would actually begin to view the world in a rational way, instead of just drooling around being obedient to Chad. Actually, they might just become asexual stuck up cunts so idk, could backfire maybe.