Philosophical foundations of inceldom (part4)


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Perhaps it has always been the case that one does not have to be unattractive to be an incel .......In my case a 9.6 score on photofeeler , and here I am an incel .......One of the points that has always interested me ( especially in the west ) is the difficulty one has in meeting women .....The way I look at this is very simple ....If women are hard to meet , then this is because they do not want to be found for whatever reason ( I think I have discussed the reasons here before many times , so I will not get into it now) .If they do not want to be found , then it means they not want to be with men ......It does not matter if you are chad or not ......People always talk about Tinder , and the fact that it is based only on looks .....maybe, I have not tried the app , but please be aware that Tinder is only a very small part of western society (the great majority of people who manage to find gfs or wives did not go through Tinder ).....More potent is the following action : Just take a walk outside your apartment or house for a few hours , get a feel for how people see you . This is what I did today .The result is the usual. We have the usual car full of girls taking pictures of me , whistling , I sometimes hear the word "sexy" , sometimes they shout things that I do not clearly hear .... It does not Matter because none of this has ever lead to sex , a girlfriend , a wife , or a relationship .....I am involuntary celibate , just like everyone else here who is probably not getting this huge amount of attention from the so called opposite sex ...Whatever it is that is causing my inceldom and yours also is for sure not looks .....I am 100 percent sure about this ........