perfect woman


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ok, here goes the list, have a sense of humor, don't ghost/ignore my ass, likes me, some common interest like video games, drawing or coding, cute, not being fat, and same age as me (or 5 years younger), it's a little bit of pervert but just for me.

looks like this girl

height 5'2-5'3

weight: 110 lbs

this are not my stardads, just what i would consider perfection
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That she finds me sexually attractive and is willing to touch my penis. That is all.

Incel = no sex or relationships because ugly. Not a single thing more.


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a perfect woman for me is one who is looks match to me or above (preferably green eyes, pale and blonde hair). one that is clingy towards me, wants me to always be around her AND will respect my choice if i choose to hang out with a couple of my friends here n there and wouldn't stalk me around.

which i had "the perfect woman" but, million times said before in my other posts. paranoia, anger and blew up, she left me, blah blah blah.


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A good start to a perfect woman is one who doesn't keep making threads on our website. You're actually so stupid but I'm not surprised since you're a foid. You'll be banned soon.