OurTube demonitizes channels cucks don't like


EteRnal Evil.
There have been several updates in muh feed on how goyglecels are going full SJW ultimately trading their goodwill for political correctness. I mean so far they seem to have taken away partnerbux from channels like ME ME MEME, Sinatra_Says, Sandman and others, many of who weren't even that based or edgy. Also they didn't seem to have violated the community's guidelines. All because some soy cucks felt personally attacked.

To me this "personally attacked" thing is the opposite of justification why one should be banned. You literally said it was your personal matter, deal with it on your own. Somehow it's not universally obvious.

So, it seems there are two points of view on the issue. Some people say "a private company can do whatever they want", others promote the idea that the gov't should intervene to defend le freedom of speech.

To me it's an example of how you can't win, because the former option will result in a shutdown of all more or less based media and the latter is a part of the "big government" policy which the leftards usually advocate for. Should the """""democrats"""" win in the US elections, and clearly this """"conservatives"""" shutdown has to do with the 2020 elections, they will try to abuse precedent of gov't interference to further silence everyone they don't like. The president probably can't do that directly though, but it's still an influential figure, isn't it?



EteRnal Evil.
Many people are switching to Parler, particularly conservatives.

The first amendment is under great threat.
I'm an NPC on this one and will just probably switch to channels that are just as entertaining, but can't possibly hurt Western snowflakes' fee-fees.