Origin of incels and social control of women


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When it comes to the origin of Incels - particularly from an evolutionary perspective. I think we have to think about society/civilisation and what the real point of it is. The main point... women didn’t always used to have the say in who they slept with. In many many cultures and also Western cultures not long ago, a girl was married usually just around puberty to any man that the parents wanted her to be married to. The parents rarely put any emphasis on looks, so clever-ugly people and even just rich/landed ugly-stupid guys could breed. If the girl didn’t like it she would be spanked hard by parents until she accepted it (or committed suіcіde or eloped/escaped). And once married she had to fulfill her marital duties or she could rightfully be beaten and/or ‘raped’. That’s not ancient history - it happened even just 50-60 years ago in Europe. Feminazi’s and Marxist feminists biggest lie is to make it seem that women have been the selectors of sexual partners - and maybe that’s even true at the very beginning of human history. But male-based culture and civilisation - which is invented by men (including what would nowadays naturally be incels) was literally designed to make sure women didn’t get to do whatever they want all the time! Also incels are not genetically inferior when it comes to mind/brain, sperm count or dick size! Only the rest of the body especially face it seems to me.


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Muh good ole days is one of the hugest copes out there. I admit I myself use it, but it's still a cope.

Looks bias and genrtic determinism have always been around and there have always been truecels who lived in misery and died alone. In good ole days it was possible to force low tier normie status for most incels via arranged marriage game though.